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If an emergency exists or is imminent, dial 911 locally, or Seaside Police, 503-738-6311

To report unauthorized or suspicious activity not constituting an imminent threat, dial 1-866-GA-SECUR (1-866-427-3287).

Noise and other concerns

For noise and other concerns related to operations outside the immediate airport environment (that is, anything other than takeoffs, landings, and airport ground operations),  contact the Federal Aviation Administration. Please do not call the airport manager about issues that are outside the the airport perimiter.

For issues related to operations within  the airport environment,  contact the airport manager (see below). 

In either case, be prepared to provide the N-number and description of any aircraft involved, along with any other relevant information. For issues relating to a specific aircraft or operation, no action is possible without an N number.

Airport Manager

For comments or questions about the airport, contact Mike Dimmick, 503-738-5112,


Requirements are in place for operating drones within 5 miles of the airport. For more information, go here.

Hangar Space

For questions about owning or renting a hangar at Seaside Airport, email or call 577-6153 (area code 503).

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