Loaner Bikes at Seaside Airport >>

Pretty much any private pilot will be familiar with the "last mile" problem, which is especially acute at Seaside Municipal, an unattended airport with no FBO and no rental cars. We've pursued the idea of getting a courtesy car but so far those efforts have fallen flat.

So we embarked on a loaner bicycle program and have collected a number of pretty nice bikes, but with no place to store them securely that's also accessible to pilots, they mostly languish in a hangar unless one of the locals is around to provide them to flyers-in.

To that end, the city has designed a 10'x20' building to store bikes and make them available to pilots on a self-serve basis (artists concept below). But funding is limited so we set up a GoFundMe campaign to get it done. If you think you may be flying in some time or just like the idea, please consider contributing. We're really hoping to make it happen by the time Summer 2019 flying season gets underway.  UPDATE: Well, that didn't work. Here's hoping for Spring 2020!

Here's the link -- and thanks!